Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg

Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
  • Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
  • Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
  • Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg
  • Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg

Concept2 Sõudeergomeeter RowErg

  • Tootja Concept2
  • Artikkel 2711_RERG
  • Riias laos: 1
1255.00€ 1550.01€

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Indoor rower exercise machine

The Concept2 RowErg® sets the standard for indoor rowing machines. Built by rowers, for rowers, the RowErg is used by people of all ages and abilities worldwide who want a full-body, low-impact workout. The dependable performance of Model D RowErg has made it the best selling indoor rower in the world. Recognized by competitive rowers as the standard for indoor training, the Model D delivers an effective cardiovascular workout that will increase your fitness level and tone your physique. At a fraction of the cost of other home fitness equipment or a yearly gym membership, you can have the luxury of working out in your home whenever you choose… and get a great workout to boot. Valued practical design: Model D is efficiently engineered and will last a lifetime. The Model D you buy is the same machine used by Olympic- and elite-level athletes to train for their sport—it’ll take the abuse of heavy training day after day. If you’re looking for a solid piece of exercise equipment at a great value, the Model D is the perfect choice.

In the box:

  • Device Holder
  • User Manual
  • Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
  • Tools and illustrated assembly instructions

Why Concept2 RowErg®?

Reliable Workout Data

The powerful PM5 Performance Monitor, standard with every RowErg, provides repeatable, comparable data for every workout. The PM5 offers a simple “Just Row” mode or allows you to set up a variety of workouts. The monitor shows you a wide range of data, including pace, watts, stroke rate and Calories and automatically stores this information in either its internal memory or a USB drive. Either way, it's easy to transfer your workouts to our free Online Logbook.

Get Connected

One monitor, many training options! Our open-platform Performance Monitor connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and is compatible with over 30 different apps, including our own ErgData. Whether you’re after online classes, coaching and training programs or virtual racing, there’s an app to suit you.

Integrated Device Holder

Now it’s easier than ever to use ErgData, or any of your other favorite apps, while rowing. Each new RowErg comes with a device holder that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet securely in place. The device holder fits everything from small smartphones to large tablets such as the iPad Pro and is easily and quickly adjustable.

Flywheel and Damper

Our RowErgs use air resistance to respond to your effort on every stroke, so you are in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The spiral damper allows you to easily adjust the airflow to the flywheel, so you can change the feel of the stroke to suit your preference. The flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel.

Adjustable Footrests and Ergonomic Handle

Adjustable footrests allow for quick and easy sizing to fit a wide range of shoe sizes. We designed the ergonomic handle with a 10-degree bend that allows you to row comfortably with a natural arm and hand position.

Storage and Mobility

The RowErg is easy to wheel around for workouts and can be quickly separated into two pieces (no tools required) for compact storage. Ideal for homes or gyms that need flexible space. The taller legs of the elevated version feature large caster wheels for easier moving.

One Machine, Two Height Options

Our standard RowErg has a 14” seat height, while our elevated version has taller legs that provide a 20” seat height. The elevated version is a good choice if you like the convenience and appearance of a taller machine. The increased seat height can also make it easier to get on and off.

Durable Construction That’s Easy to Maintain

Our machines are famous for their durability. Tough and built to last, our machines withstand rigorous use in boathouses, training centers, living rooms, hotels, health clubs and military bases around the world. We make sure our machines are easy to care for so you can focus on using your investment, not maintaining it.

Concept 2 - cardio exercise machines with more than 45 years of experience. This brand dates back to 1976, which means a lot of testing, experimenting and innovating to make the best rowing machines, exercise bikes and even skiing exercise machines. The main product of Concept2 is rowing exercise machines, which is simply the best and most known rowing machines in whole world.

If You want to start doing training with rowing exercise machine, then this is our go to brand to start with, because of its efficiency, quality and after purchase service! Concept 2 philosophy is to provide the most innovative products and programs to everyone. Which says a lot about this brand - involving to satisfy everyone's needs in cardio trainings with quality and excellent after-purchase service.

We believe that rowing is a lifelong activity, accessible to all!

Concept2 Brochure:

Founded By: Dick and Peter Dreissigackers      Headquarters: Morrisville, ASV      Brand: Founded in 1976


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Vispārējais garums




Krēsla augstums

Ar standarta kājām 36cm vai ar garajām kājām 51cm

Vienas sliedes garums


Ķēde vai aukla

Niķelēta tērauda ķēde

Ķēdes/auklas korpuss

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Jaudas nepieciešamība

Nepieciešamas divas D tipa baterijas, toties darbojoties ar trenažieri, tas uzlādē baterijas

Maks. lietotāja svars                                   

(227 kg) as tested by Concept2.**300 lb (135 kg) as tested per European Stationary Fitness Equipment Testing Standard EN 20957-7



Alumīnija priekšējās kājas, metāla aizmugurējās. Elevated: Metāla priekšējās kājas un aizmugurējās

Ekrāna rokturis

Izturīgs neilons. Iespējams mainīt ekrāna slīpumu. Integrētais ierīces turētājs der lielākajai daļai tālruņu un planšetdatoru


Pulverkrāsas pārklājs




Var sadalīt divās daļās, vieglākai uzglabāšanai:

  • Samontēts: 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm)
  • Izmantošanas: 9 ft x 4 ft (274 cm x 122 cm)

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

144 cm x 38 cm x 55cm

Trenažiera svars

Ar standarta kājām: 57 lb (26 kg) 

Ar garām kājām: 68 lb (31 kg)

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