DHZ Fitness HOME Cable Cross functional gym, frame pearlblack / silver, weights 2x80 kg

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Total weight 12,5Kg

The DHZ Compact Functional Trainer is designed to provide nearly unlimited workouts in a limited space, ideal for home use or as a supplement to an existing workout in the gym. 15 selectable cable positions allow users to perform a variety of exercises. Dual 80kg weight stacks provide enough load even for experienced lifters.

High Space Utilization. Two weight stacks, ideal for small facility spaces, allow two exercisers to use at the same time, with interchangeable accessories and Adjustable Bench for a wide variety of workouts.

Ease of Use. The easily adjustable handle height on both sides of the pulley allows one-handed adjustment, and the laser-etched markings provide accurate alignment. The 80kg weight stack on both sides provides a 2:1 ratio of power to resistance, providing sufficient weight for different exercises.

Multiple Details. Dual pull-up grips are rubber-coated for a comfortable and secure grip. The central attachment bracket with pegs stabilizes the structure while providing abundant storage functions.