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  • Tootja Gravity
  • Artikkel G-TC-117
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  • Tootja Gravity
  • Artikkel G-TC-117
  • Riias laos: 0

The TC117 squat frame is a handy tool that makes squatting with a barbell safe and injury-free. These exercises affect the entire leg muscle group, chest and surface muscles of the back, biceps and triceps. Steel frame is made of 80x60 mm tube. The frame has hooks for positioning the barbell and plates, which facilitates the concentration of equipment. Inside the frame you can put a bench for the bench press. The design is stable, equipped with rubber footrests, which eliminate vibration.

Gravity - best quality fitness and sports equipment for friendly prices. Gravity is made for every age and fitness level people, who are ready to step one step closer to healthier and happier life! Gravity products are made with quality standards and willingness to satisfy customers needs. This brand is encouraging everyone to get in shape even at home.

Gravity offers products which are connected to fitness and sports field - dumbbells, kettlebells, bumper discs and even Cardio equipment - treadmills, rowers and much more. If you are looking for best solution in quality=price meaning, then this brand is The Go To.

Don't let the price to determine your happiness and health!



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Height211 cm
Length165 cm
Width138 cm
Weight121 kg