TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3

TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3
TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3
TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3
  • TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3
  • TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3
  • TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3

TRX Fabric Bands Set of 3

  • Tootja TRX
  • Artikkel TRX-ER-FBAND-SET
  • Riias laos: 7

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Add a dose of comfort to your resistance workouts with these stretchy, stay-put bands that loop around your legs for resisted squats, lunges, crab walks and more. Made from super-soft fabric, our Glute Bands won't bunch, pull on hair, and basically make every move feel better (except the inevitable burn). Adjustable for the perfect fit. Comes with Light, Medium, and Heavy resistance levels, all in a mesh storage bag for you to take on the go.

Product specifications:

  • Set contains LIGHT, MEDIUM, HEAVY resistance levels
  • Comfortable cotton material won’t bunch
  • Each band is adjustable for better fit and comfort
  • Set comes in mesh storage and travel bag- take your workout anywhere
  • Hand washable in cold water, hang dry

TRX brand is a leader in movement, providing world-class trainings for every one, by offering simple equipment, effective workouts, and education so everyone could transform their bodies at home. TRX helps You move better, feel better and even live better, making Your body as fit as possible.

With TRX it takes only seven basic movements to build better body - push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge and squat. These simple movements helps You to burn fat, build strength, improve heart health and stamina. If TRX is in more than 40'000 gyms, then it means already that this brand is worth buying and trying out! TRX doesn't limit themselves with one product, TRX offers even weighted balls, slam balls, rubber bands, weighted belts and a lot others products. See for Yourselves!

Discover the full potential of your Suspension Trainer™ with TRX Training Club.
Available on your laptop, tablet, iPhone and Android devices. Access over 2000 workouts and programmes for strength, cardio, yoga, pilates, recovery and mobility training. 
Fresh content is added every month. 


The all-in-one fitness method powered by your bodyweight to sweat, sculp, and strengthen.

TRX Brochure:

Founded By: Randy Hetrick       Headquarters: San Francisco, USA      Brand: Founded in 2005


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