MZ-Switch Chest Strap - Red - (Standard Size)

MZ-Switch Chest Strap - Red - (Standard Size)
  • MZ-Switch Chest Strap - Red - (Standard Size)

MZ-Switch Chest Strap - Red - (Standard Size)

  • Tootja Myzone
  • Artikkel MZ-SCS-R-S
  • Riias laos: 10+

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Myzone - Innovative heart rate measuring device. Myzone has made it easy to train with your friends, even not being with them in the same room. Connect heart rate sensor to app and compete with friends, earn points and reach new and higher goals. Myzone has made different "zones" which are not about the amount of trainings you do, but the effort You puth into trainings. Sound innovating already, right?

In our experience we have installed Myzone in lot of gyms and clubs, and their clients love it, because of the "zones" and "effort points" which You can earn while You train. Make your training more fun and competitive than ever before with international app connected to your hearth rate sensor, and compete with real people by collecting "effort points".

Through confidence, competition and community, we're stronger together!

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Founded By: Dave Wright      Headquarters: Nottingham, England      Brand: Founded in 2011


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