Spiky Massage Ball 9 cm, red , 9 cm

Spiky Massage Ball 9 cm, red , 9 cm
Spiky Massage Ball 9 cm, red , 9 cm
  • Spiky Massage Ball 9 cm, red , 9 cm
  • Spiky Massage Ball 9 cm, red , 9 cm

Spiky Massage Ball 9 cm, red , 9 cm

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Spiky Massage Ball (9cm)

More relaxation and wellness with the massage ball from TOGU: the spiky massage ball for all applications. The air-filled massager is the optimal device for gripping and strengthening exercises and is suitable for reflexology. The durable material Ruton is odourless, skin-friendly, latex-free and equipped with a needle valve. This means that the burl ball can be easily adjusted to your individual needs with an optionally available ball pump. Due to the user-friendly, vascular-friendly and versatile handling, the massage ball is suitable for use at home or in a group, e.g. back, senior or general fitness courses. The Ball enables a wide range of applications for young and old through a selective pressure massage. Due to the nubs, the massager has a particularly blood circulation-enhancing and relaxing effect. The Spiky Ball is suitable for treating fasciae or for effective, selective massages, e.g. for the neck and shoulders, legs and feet, back, latissimus or hips. In addition, the pleasant Senso pimples stimulate the perception. Massage tense body areas with circular movements and vary the pressure individually.


TOGU - market leader in the field of air-filled training equipment and playballs. TOGU brand has been selling high quality air filled training equipment for more than 66 years and has more than 100 employees. Their products has been made in Germany, which means that the quality is more than excellent.

TOGU brand is manufactured by their own hands, which means that they can set their own standards and test every product of its quality. TOGU products are made of 100% recyclable materials, which means TOGU is following nowadays norms and trying to satisfy costumers needs.

Our drive and passion is to develop and manufacture outstanding products in premium quality and excellent functionality!

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Founded By: Toni and Gust Obermaier      Headquarters: Prien, Germany      Brand: Patented in 1956


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