AIREX® Balance-pad Mini Lava Duo

AIREX® Balance-pad Mini Lava Duo
  • AIREX® Balance-pad Mini Lava Duo

AIREX® Balance-pad Mini Lava Duo

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Professionaalide valik
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Thickness in mm: 6, dimensions in mm: 41 x 25

Notice: Non-aggressive liquid products with max 5% alcohol should be used for cleaning and disinfecting the product. If products with higher alcohol content are used, the surface must be wiped with a damp cloth afterwards.


AIREX® is the world market leader in the field of training and therapy mats. This brand dates back as far as 1960s which mean it is around us more than 60 years. Airex belive that product is as good as it gets, because of Swiss mentality - striving for perfection, innovation and quality that lasts a lifetime.

Airex products are made of 96% of comprised air, which make them unique in all world. Because of 60 years of experience Airex are proud of their products quality, which lets everyone to get into their zone with comfort. All products are made of Eco-Friendly materials. Come to our shop and see for Yourselves the quality of Swiss brands yoga, fitness and physiotherapy mats!

Try out the Airex app for iOS and Android! The Airex® App powered by Airex Academy® is a highlight to connect our products towards to the demands of our consumers in a sustainable way. Beside the trainings by our Master Trainers the App serves as a product support to get the best out of your AIREX® products.

Airex encourages everyone to take a step back from stress, worries, naggins of the day and get into their zone with Airex Mats.

Airex Brochure:

Founded By: Emil Brunner and Hearbert Lindemann      Headquarters: Sins, Switzerland      Brand: Patented in Sins, 1952


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