TheraFace PRO - Black with gel included

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  • Tootja Theragun
  • Artikkel TF02226-01
  • Riias laos: 2
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TheraFace PRO

A relaxing facial massage meets the facial treatments you love, all in one device. Reduce tension and relax facial muscles with the technology behind Theragun percussive therapy, now designed for the face. This multi-tasking device doesn’t stop there — from skin-toning microcurrent to rejuvenating light therapy, you can combine and customize more facial health treatments than any other device.

What's Included:

  • TheraFace PRO device
  • 3 percussive attachments (Cone, Micropoint, Flat)
  • Microcurrent Ring
  • LED Light Therapy Ring (Red, Blue, & Infrared Light)
  • Cleansing Ring
  • TheraOne Conductive Gel (50 mL)
  • Soft Carrying Bag
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable

 Why TheraFace PRO?


LED: Blue Light Setting

Helps reduce mild to moderate acne. Should not be used with percussive attachments.

LED: Red Light Setting

Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Pairs with percussive attachments.

LED: Red+Infrared Light

Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Warming temporarily reduces pain. Pairs with percussive attachments.

Microcurrent Ring

Firms and tightens skin. Improves muscle tone in face/neck. Gentle stimulation helps firm and plump for youthful glow.

Cleansing Ring

Removes build up of dirt, oil, debris. Percussive-based cleansing enhances removal of pore-blocking debris and dead skin.

Percussive: Flat

General use for tension relief in the entire face, neck, chest.

Percussive: Micropoint

Maximize circulation for larger areas such as forehead, cheeks and chest.

Percussive: Cone

More precise treatment in targeted areas such as around eyes, nasolabial lines and pressure points.


Jaw pain

Jaw clenching, pain, and irritation can feel like daily issues we have no choice but to deal with. TheraFace’s gentle percussive massage relaxes this area, reducing jaw muscle discomfort.

Fine lines and wrinkles

By gently stimulating the face and neck, microcurrent firms and tightens skin while improving muscle tone and contour. Combine with the power of Red and Infrared LED Light Therapy to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles in an all-in-one routine.

Tension headaches

As you go through the day, tension builds up in the temples, jawline, and sides and back of the neck. TheraFace percussive therapy is uniquely adapted to gently target these sources of discomfort.


Under eye puffiness

Modern day stressors make undereye puffiness seem like par for the course of daily life. Decrease the inflammation associated with under eye bags with cold therapy as a calming, finishing touch in your routine.

Facial pain

The best part? Our percussive attachments can be combined with LED Red Light Therapy and the Cold Ring to simultaneously stimulate circulation, rejuvenate the skin, and reduce minor facial pain and discomfort.

Cleanse and Calm

In search of a deeper clean, Willie found the facial health he’d been looking for.

How to use 

Our new innovation in facial health unlocks so many new ways to love your face. Visit our Getting Started Page to discover step-by-step guides for each TheraFace PRO attachment, along with exclusive, all-in-one routines for everything you face daily.

Here are a few important guidelines to know before you get started:

Each facial health therapy can be used for a maximum of 8 minutes, with the exception of percussive therapy. The device will beep 3 times to indicate that the maximum time has been reached.

The device will beep once after 15 seconds of use (any facial therapy other than the percussive attachments) indicating you should move the device to a new area of the face. The device will beep twice to indicate if the ring or attachment is not fully attached or has been accidentally removed.

The middle ring button on the device controls the intensity settings on the Microcurrent attachment, LED light therapy ring, and Hot and Cold Rings (sold separately). The top button controls the speed of the Percussive Attachments and Cleansing Ring.

The Blue light setting on the LED light therapy ring should not be used with any percussive attachments to prevent the spread of acne.

The Microcurrent attachment should always be used with a conductive gel, which comes included with the TheraFace PRO device.

The Cleansing Ring can be used with any cleanser of choice other than those with microbeads or gritty exfoliants.

To clean, wipe the TheraFace PRO and attachment rings down with a damp cloth or alcohol-free cleansing wipe. The device is not waterproof; the only attachment that is fully waterproof is the cleansing ring, for the purpose of cleaning it. After cleaning, allow the device and attachment rings to dry thoroughly before storing or beginning another treatment protocol.

Please see our Precautions and Contraindications Page for more information around usage of TheraFace PRO facial therapies.

Therabody - World leaders in muscle massage therapy devices for effective pre workout warming up or post workout recovery by a deep muscle treatment, called - percussive therapy. Therabody has combined education, innovation and experience to make wellness more accessible for everybody. Theragun is one of the products, which is unique in its own ways, targeting all deep tissues and recovering muscles much faster than all other options in the market. Another product is Wave series rollers, vibrating rollers which target deep tissues. And the newest Therabody product is Recovery Air pants, which helps athletes to recover faster with air flow combinated with series of pressures.

Theragun, is more than 13 years in the market which makes them the oldest and the most experienced brand in whole world. Through series of different designs, innovations and failures, they have discovered the best solution for reducing pain in deep tissues - Theragun, the must have device in percussive therapy massage.

The Therabody app learns from your real-time activity and behaviors, integrating with Apple Health and Google Fit to recommend guided, personalized wellness routines that can be run on our Bluetooth® enabled devices.

As Your needs keep evolving, we'll keep innovating.

Therabody Catalogs: can be found here

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