Therabody Theragun Elite Wireless Charging Stand

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  • Tootja Theragun
  • Artikkel ELITE-STND-PKG-EU
  • Riias laos: 1
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Elite Wireless Charging Stand

Uzlādē Theragun Elite ar vienu vieglu soli, vienkārši ieslidiniet to Wireless Charging Stand korpusā, bez liekiem apgrūtinājumiem vai nevajadzīgiem vadiem. Un pateicoties Wireless Charging Stand tehnoloģijām, Theragun Elite ir iespējams atstāt šajā stiprinājumā arī pēc uzlādes, kas paātrina laiku no ierīces lādēšanas līdz izmantošanai. Īsumā -  eleganti, viegli un ātri. Ierīces pilna uzlāde ir 110 minūtes.


Komplektā iekļauts:

  • Elite Wireless Charging Stand
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Izmantošanas pamācība

Charging your Theragun Elite

  1. Pievienojiet elektrības vadu pie Wireless Charging Stand.
  2. Izslēdziet Theragun Elite.
  3. Novietojiet Theragun Elite Wireless Charging Stand stiprinājumā un iestumiet to, kamēr tas ir pilnībā līdz galam.
  4. LED gaisma uz wireless charging stand iedegsies, kad ierīces būs veiksmīgi savienotas. Theragun Elite ir pilnībā uzlādēts, kad baterijas ikona ir piepildījusies uz OLED ekrāna. Elite var turpināt atrasties uz lādētāja, kaut vai tas ir pilnībā uzlādēts.

Therabody - World leaders in muscle massage therapy devices for effective pre workout warming up or post workout recovery by a deep muscle treatment, called - percussive therapy. Therabody has combined education, innovation and experience to make wellness more accessible for everybody. Theragun is one of the products, which is unique in its own ways, targeting all deep tissues and recovering muscles much faster than all other options in the market. Another product is Wave series rollers, vibrating rollers which target deep tissues. And the newest Therabody product is Recovery Air pants, which helps athletes to recover faster with air flow combinated with series of pressures.

Theragun, is more than 13 years in the market which makes them the oldest and the most experienced brand in whole world. Through series of different designs, innovations and failures, they have discovered the best solution for reducing pain in deep tissues - Theragun, the must have device in percussive therapy massage.

The Therabody app learns from your real-time activity and behaviors, integrating with Apple Health and Google Fit to recommend guided, personalized wellness routines that can be run on our Bluetooth® enabled devices.

As Your needs keep evolving, we'll keep innovating.

Therabody Brochure:

Founded By: Dr. Jason Wersland      Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA      Brand: Founded in 2008


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 Theragun Elite Wireless Charging Stand

Device compatibility:

 Theragun Elite


 10,5cm x 20,1cm x 12,3 cm

Full charge time:

 110 minutes




 24 months