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The KF801 horizontal bench press is designed for working out the chest muscle groups, anterior deltoids and triceps. The design of the machine is equipped with autonomous arms: the athlete can train the left and right arm separately, as well as both arms at the same time. For the convenience of the training process, the machine is equipped with two grip handles. Easy and quick load adjustment allows the user to adjust the machine for effective training for both beginners and experienced users.

Muscles: pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids, anterior serratus muscle, triceps.

The KF801 Horizontal Bench Press is equipped with built-in weights, convenient and easy to use, the load is adjustable in a wide range.

Heavy-duty vandal-resistant construction is made of 3 mm thick steel. In the zinc-coated version of the machine the metal parts of the structure are covered with hot zinc (high degree of protection against corrosion). The machines are adapted to any weather conditions and are characterized by the best corrosion protection due to the zinc coating. The machine can be installed both in an outdoor area and in a gym. Trendy design, excellent functionality, wide color palette - the undeniable advantages of the machine.

The KF801 horizontal press is an excellent solution for setting up a full-fledged sports area.

InterAtletika - the professional Sports equipment for Fitness Centers. InterAtletika is based on the use of the newest technologies, talented design decisions and science research in fitness and sports field. Their focus is on customers needs, to provide the best equipment in nowadays market.

InterAtletika offers different kind of exercise machines, for example fitness station, pull-up, dip or abdominal trainers and a lot more. They produce indoor and outdoor exercise machines, and even more - playgrounds, play and sports equipment for children.

We design, produce and sell the qualitative sports and play equipment for children and adults!

Founded By: Oleg Rudenko      Headquarters: Bucha, Ukraine      Brand: Founded in 1996

Length - 2294 mm

Width - 1450 mm

Height - 1218 mm

Weight - 200 kg

Adjustable weight