kBox Pro Platform - Carbon Black

kBox Pro Platform - Carbon Black
  • kBox Pro Platform - Carbon Black

kBox Pro Platform - Carbon Black

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  • Artikkel EXX18251
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kBox Pro

The kBox Pro Platform is a premium flywheel training device included in all kBox Pro systems, which are highly regarded by professional sports teams and demanding fitness clubs & physiotherapy clinics.The kBox Pro comes with a built-in kMeter feedback system, ample room to manoeuvre as well as the market leading maximum inertia capacity of 0.420 kgm² (with an Advanced Flywheel Knob).

Platform includes:

  • kBox Pro with
  • Pre-attached Drive Belt
  • Pre-attached Large Pulley Block
  • Angle Adjuster
  • kMeter feedback system


A kBox Pro system with the right accessories is ideal for sports teams, performance centers and demanding fitness clubs & physiotherapy clinics looking to maximise hypertrophy, performance and training outcomes for their athletes, patients or clients.

The kBox Pro is ready to use right after unpacking, with no assembly or tools required. Just mount a flywheel and connect an attachment and you’re ready to go.


The kBox Pro device is often chosen for its market-leading maximum inertia, built-in kMeter feedback system and spacious surface area.

The surface of the kBox Pro is 90 x 55 cm, while on the floor it extends to 98 x 63 cm. Its height and weight are 23 cm and 15.5 kg respectively.

The kBox Pro Platform has a built-in automatic belt length adjustment mechanism for seamless transitions between drills and individuals. It can be equipped with a Foot Block for lateral lower limb movements. Moreover, this platform comes with a free Angle Adjuster for more horizontal movements such as rows and swings.”


Exxentric Has empowered top-tier sports teams like the Buffalo Sabres for over a decadeand driven individuals towards peak fitness. Whether you're an Olympic contender or a fitness enthusiast, our scientifically supported equipment ensures a constant edge over competitors. By utilizing flywheel inertia for optimal resistance curves and eccentric overload, our products have proven to be more effective in enhancing strength, power, and hypertrophy compared to gravity-based systems.

Enter the world of Exxentric with our new app, designed to elevate your performance using the kMeter sensor. Download it on Android or iOS and kickstart your journey.

Experience unlimited resistance with Flywheel Training, adapting seamlessly to all strength levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes. With over 70+ exercises, our devices, such as kBox and kPulley Go, enable freedom of movement and let you strengthen new ranges anywhere.

Make every place your gym – never miss a session again!

Exxentric Catalog:

Founded by: Marten Fredriksson and Fredrik Correa    Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden    Brand: Patented in 2011 
















  • Manual - https://exxentric.com/manuals/#kbox
  • Design - Carbon Black
  • Top surface - 90 x 55 cm (35 x 22")
  • Foot print - 98 x 63 cm (39 x 25")
  • Height - 23 cm (9,1")
  • Weight - 15.5 kg (34 lbs)
  • Inertia range (standard) - 0,005 kgm² - 0,280 kgm²
  • Range of motion - 180 cm (71")
  • Feedback - Built-in kMeter feedback system
  • Compatible flywheels - 0,005 kgm², 0,010 kgm², 0,025 kgm², 0,050 kgm², 0,070 kgm².