Evolo locker with 2 tiers on feet 150 mm high, 2 compart., 4 doors, 400 mm compart. width, outside d

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  • Tootja C+P
  • Artikkel 48310-22
  • Riias laos: 1

S 3000 Evolo locker

The difference lies in the details! Evolo offers much more than you expect. Smart and sophisticated features – that’s typical of C+P:

  • Good ventilation and drying thanks to Evolo self-ventilation concept
  • Increased burglar-proof design thanks to extremely warp resistant doors with closed profiles on the sides
  • Special profile in the body for greater stability and safety as well as easy cleaning and use
  • Slim appearance thanks to narrow side edges – homogeneous also when set up in a row
  • Wide range of door designs made of steel or made of MDF and phenolic HPL with attractive wood decors
  • Practical interior fitting in the locker and also inside the locker door

Color depend on your needs, contact us to arrange color of locker.

Quality and expertise since 1925. 

Putting people’s needs first has a great tradition at C + P — and that's not likely to change anytime soon.

This attitude has made C + P one of Europe’s leading suppliers of furniture solutions. Always ready to embrace innovation: That is just as important as investments and market-driven products. This corporate image has made C + P an epitome for quality and expertise since 1925.




800cm Wide

1850cm Height


2 x 400cm




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