Hantliriiul Hammer Strength, Single Tier

Hantliriiul Hammer Strength, Single Tier
  • Hantliriiul Hammer Strength, Single Tier

Hantliriiul Hammer Strength, Single Tier

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Professionaalide valik
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The XL Dumbbell Racks are optimized for 125 lb - 200 lb dumbbells for elite-level athletics and training facilities.

  • Single Tier Dumbbell Rack & XL Dumbbell Rack - Storage for 5 pairs of dumbbells

Life Fitness - a legacy of excellence. Life Fitness provides premium cardio equipment (treadmils, exercise bikes, rowers, elipticals and a lot more) for over than 30 years. If not in every than in most gyms, hotels, sport centers you will find Life Fitness, which is trusted by the best. First electrical exercise bike was made in 1968 by Life Fitness, which means already a lot - inovation, quality, experience and hard work, which have led this brand to be the most recognizable in all gyms. 

Life Fitness has combined smooth design, inovations and simplicity making one of the kind cardio machines - Treadmils, Exercise bikes, Elipticals, Rowers and a lot more. Their missions is simple - to make all people active, with interactive designes, wide range of products for all needs and budgets, and quality service.

We succeed when You do, which is why we continure to drive innovation and embrace change!

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Founded By: Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson      Headquaters: Rosemont, USA      Brand: Founded in 1977


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since 2004



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Footprint (D x W x H)18" x 90" x 24" (metric cm: 46 x 229 x 61)
Recommended Live Area (D x W)54" x 90" (metric cm: 137 x 229)
Machine Weight125 lb (56.7 kg)
Max Capacity1,400 lb (635 kg)/tier
Max Dumbbell Size150 lb (68 kg)

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