Bodylastics Original JUMP-STRETCH®

Professionaalide valik
Professionaalide valik
Ametlik edasimüüja
Ametlik edasimüüja
x-light (11) JS-01-010
13.90 €
medium (3) FRS-JS-02
25.90 €
heavy (10) FRS-JS-03
35.90 €
extra heavy (7) FRS-JS-04
48.90 €
light (0) JS-01-910
18.90 €
Seda toodet pole laos -
extra extra heavy (0) FRS-JS-05
59.00 €
Seda toodet pole laos -
Alates 13.90€

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Professionaalide valik
Professionaalide valik
Ametlik edasimüüja
Ametlik edasimüüja
For stretching, muscle strengthening and stretching shortened muscles. For Intensivtranig in athletics, swimming, running sports. Due to the resistance of the Jump Stretch ® tapes you can train individual muscle groups directly.

Bodylastics - absolute best resistance bands for home workouts. Bodylastics is the brand with fore than 28 years of experience in fitness bands field. At start of this brand there were only fitness bands for toning, but Bodylastics Brand revolutionized market with their new innovations - fitness bands for building muscles. Since then Bodylastics have helped more than 2 millions customers all around world to get fit and build muscles at home.

Bodylastics offer different kind of fitness rubber bands - fitness bands, fitness rings, jumpstrech band, sveltus elastibands, fitness tubes and a lot of more products which are connected to fitness rubber bands field. These products are with highest quality materials and patented anti-snap resistance bands, for Your safety.

Designed to perform!

Founded By: Blake Kassel      Headquarters: Florida, USA      Brand: Founded in 1996


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