Dynamax 9 kg

Dynamax 9 kg
  • Dynamax 9 kg

Dynamax 9 kg

  • Tootja Dynamax
  • Artikkel DYX-580409
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Dynamax - most aspiring and relevant brand in the fitness industry. Dynamax aim is to help everyday people achieve their fitness goals and be more happier about their everyday life. Dynamax 37 years of experience says a lot about their innovations, quality and eagerness to help others be more stronger, leaner and happier.

Dynamax offers different kind of fitness equipment - weighted balls, medicine balls, gym balls, resistance tubes, yoga mats and a lot of more of fitness equipment for home use. Dynamax weighted balls are created to be thrown, caught and struck wit maximum force and velocity, but soft enough to be safe and not injure anyone in workout process.

We work for it. We sweat for it. We conquer it!

Founded By: Bruce Evans & Jim Cawley      Headquarters: Austin, USA      Brand: Founded in 1985