YBELL Storage Rack

YBELL Storage Rack
YBELL Storage Rack
YBELL Storage Rack
  • YBELL Storage Rack
  • YBELL Storage Rack
  • YBELL Storage Rack

YBELL Storage Rack

  • Tootja YBELL
  • Artikkel yb8001
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YBell Storage Rack





Enjoy our YBell Kit with a pair of each size of YBell and keep your workout space organized, safe and secure with our Vertical Storage Rack. The YBell Combo offers a full range of weights and is a great space-saving solution for every gym, club, studio or home.


  • Rack is chrome plated arms with black powder coated body;
  • 2 YBells of each size (XS – XL);
  • Intuitive, double-handled use
  • Stores 10 YBells of any size;
  • Easy to assemble;


Ybell - 4 in 1 fitness solution, which combines kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball and pushup in one equipment - Ybell. Ybell has made innovative designed, to offer endless workouts for everyone at home, gym or outdoors. This brand was made because fitness couch was training people at beach for more than 15 years, and had to bring with him different kind of equipment's to make training routine full, so he came up with innovative solution, all those equipment's in one solution - Ybell.

If you're tired of unused space in your home because of thousands of fitness equipment's, then this is the right product for you - compact and with endless training options. Now they have even heavier Ybell Neo, which is made to challenge your strength or lighter Ybell Neo for fitness needs. To add, Ybell even have their own mat, with indicated places where to put Ybells for more efficient trainings.

The one pice of equipment for every body!

YBELL broshure:

Founded By: Aaron Laurence and Michael Hoppe      Headquarters: Sydney, Australia      Brand: Patented in Sydney, 2018


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Size (Assembled)

L 21" (51cm);

W 20" (50cm);

H 60" (154cm)

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