Benefits of a rowing machine

May 17, 2021

Benefits of a rowing machine

This article will introduce you to the 5 main benefits you will get from using a home rowing machine.

At a time when rowing is not possible outdoors, professional rowers are not the only ones who can benefit from rowing machines.

The benefits of using a rowing machine can help anyone who wants to do general fitness without leaving their homes. The movements that take place during rowing involve several main muscle groups and will help you to develop both the upper and lower body. What's more, rowing machines make your heart and lungs work harder, providing effective aerobic exercise.

Benefits of using a rowing machine:

1. Excellent aerobic training

Due to the fact that the movements require a lot of exercise for the largest muscle groups, the rowing device is an effective way to speed up the heart rate and increase the amount of oxygen absorbed. The adjustable resistance available on most rowing machines will allow you to reach your target heart rate, as well as slow it back to a recovery heart rate. Some home rowing machines are equipped with a wireless heart rate chest belt to help you control your heart rate without taking your hands off during your workout.

2. Effective calorie burning

Training on a rowing machine burns about 600 calories per hour. This is much more than many other home gym devices in the market can  offer. While using an exercise bike without your hands, You should train for about an hour and 18 minutes to achieve the same result as using a rowing machine for an hour.

3. Upper body training

As you can already guess, the rowing machine provides an ideal upper body workout. They involve diamond-shaped muscles in the shoulders, trapezoidal muscles in the upper back and broad back muscles in the lower back. Your biceps, chest muscles and abdominal muscles are also involved, but not to such an extent. As you need to maintain a firm grip on the paddle during your workout, you will also strengthen your wrists and wrists.

4. Lower body training

 You may be surprised, but one of the main bonuses of a rowing machine is an effective lower body workout. In fact, rowing enthusiasts first see this activity as a lower body workout. The main leg muscles involved are the quadriceps muscles in front of the upper thighs, but the caviar and pelvic muscles (buttocks) are also employed in the training. For the most effective lower body training, you should choose one of the rowing machines with a sliding seat.

5. Low risk of injury

 The rowing movement is natural and with low impact and minimal strain on the joints. Because you are sitting close to the floor, there is less risk of falling than when training on an exercise bike. Although there is a risk of your back stretching, you can reduce it by following the correct rowing position and sequence of movements. Proper rowing posture allows you to work your feet, removing the load from your back.


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